Why leselles?


A brand for women, by women.
elle + elle = leselles.

Leselles is the labour of love of Liesbet Allaer from Denderhoutem, an entrepreneur with a passion for fashion who is a virtuosa when it comes to scarves. In 2019, with decades of experience in fashion and retail under her belt, Liesbet founded her own knitwear label, with a soft focus on knitwear in many colours.

The Belgian label Leselles stands for scarves and jumpers produced in Europe, in which mohair surplus wool finds a second life. The story of Leselles is one of femininity, colour, and sustainability. 


Leselles' scarves and jumpers are made from surplus wool. When Liesbet saw the huge quantities of high-quality surplus wool on a factory visit, she knew there must be many uses for it. In fact, during that same trip, the first two scarves already emerged from the surplus wool - 'Jille' and 'Helene', named after her two daughters.

Surplus or overstock wool: Liesbet has always selected all the colours and surpluses personally, thus guaranteeing both colour and quality.

Sustainability lasts longest

Giving surplus wool a second life is one thing, but at Leselles we are also committed to transparency in terms of quality and production. All items are designed and produced in Belgium and Portugal, and neither transport nor packaging involves any plastic.

We guarantee the sustainability of our knitwear by exclusively opting for sustainable mohair wool.

Why mohair?

At Leselles, we deliberately choose high-quality mohair wool; a light wool that is extremely comfortable to wear while rating off the charts when it comes to elasticity and sustainability. The natural lustre of mohair wool is an added bonus of which we gratefully take advantage!

Sustainability is no empty concept at Leselles, even after sale. Because all our knitwear is washable, we guarantee a long life for the articles even after we hand them over. All scarves and jumpers are pre-washed for you, thus eliminating the risk of shrinking or fading.

The Leselles mission

To make the world - or in any case, your world - just that much more beautiful.

Warmer, more pleasant, softer, more personal, more feminine... in short, more you!