Met de handen in de 'wol'!


Dear customers,

By now, you know that I am very transparent - I have been open and honest from the very beginning, not only about the actual Leselles production process, but also about business and the associated ups and downs. That is why I also want to be honest with you about this setback - together, we may be stronger in the search for a solution!

In September of this year, I went looking for an additional producer for Leselles in Portugal. You are enthusiastic about our knitwear - and we are so grateful for that! - so we want to continue to meet your demand.

To give you an idea of production time: one scarf requires 45 minutes of knitting time. Add to that washing, steaming, labelling, and packaging, and you can easily calculate how many (or how few) Leselles pieces we can produce daily. An additional producer could solve this problem.

We found a reliable partner who replenished our stock of scarves and jumpers last week.

But not every new step is smooth sailing. 
How deep was our disappointment when it turned out that the fit of the Juliette jumper was different. The jumper is wider (12 cm around) and has a wider hem (6 cm), so we cannot simply apply the 'our size fits all' concept that you already know to this collection. The quality of the mohair wool is identical to all our other pieces, and technically the jumpers are also perfectly fine, but the 'new' fit means that we have to switch gears for a moment.

To be honest: I lost my bearings for a bit. The jumpers meet all our quality standards, but the fit is more ‘large’ than ‘our size’. 
Should I reject everything, return it, or will we collaborate to find a solution? 
Perhaps I can turn a ‘calamity' into something very positive by focusing mainly on women of the size large (or XL) with this particular collection. Perhaps I can now make a public who might find the regular Juliette too tight or too constricting happy?

Meanwhile, of course, we are doing everything we can to produce the 'regular' Juliette jumper again as soon as possible.

I am open to all your creative suggestions, and as always, I will keep you posted! So, feel free to DM me or email me at

With best regards,