De elles van Leselles  Loes van Wildflowers & Wodka

The elles of Leselles Loes from Wildflowers & Vodka

Leselles is a brand by women for women. That is why, each month, we shine a spotlight on an inspiring, enterprising, and engaging woman who assumes the ambassadorship of Leselles. 

Name: Loes van Look
Age : 31
Place of residence: Antwerp / Paris (from March 1, 2022)
Occupation: Event florist

Biggest passion: ' Flowers! My work is also my greatest passion.'

Top of my feasible bucket list: ‘The idea has topped my bucket list for over five years, but very soon I am finally moving to Paris. I have been going there very often for ten years and I actually feel more at home there than here in Belgium. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, my income has mainly been derived from online courses and workshops, which I will continue to do from Paris. Though I may be scaling back my event decorating, I hope to expand my work for shoots there.'
Where do you know Leselles from? ‘I found Leselles through my job: Geert, Liesbet's husband, is my flower supplier. I immediately loved the colour and aesthetics of Leselles. They fit the image with which I feel comfortable.’
Favourite Leselles colour or item: ‘My terracotta colour scarf. It fits my colour scheme perfectly. I kind of have a terracotta fetish (laughs). It has to be really hot before I stop wearing it.’

Elle(s) a Elle(s) a
The style passport of Loes van Look

To me, sustainability has mainly to do with timelessness. I want things to last for years'

What is your fashion motto?
'When people ask me that, I always think of a statement my mom used to say: there is no such thing as overdressed. You better stand out in beauty. That idea has always stuck with me.'

What is currently your favourite item in your wardrobe?
‘A black velvet wrap dress with a print of terracotta-coloured flowers. Though I have had the dress for eight years, I still wear it very often. I can wear it both day and night, and it is extremely comfortable. As I get older, I also want everything to be really practical. Think of it as a kind of pyjama that also looks nice (laughs).'
Do you have a go-to outfit that you could wear every day?
‘Another black wrap dress, with boots and a hat. I wear hats very often. When it's cold, I always want to have something on my head - in spring and autumn, a beret or a hat.’
And what do you wear when you feel like splashing out a bit?
‘I often wear the same thing during the day and the evening, but I do change my shoes. For example, in the evening I like a boot with a heel. But in general, I think my look is rather constant. So, I might be a bit overdressed in the daytime, but I actually feel quite comfortable with that.
What has been your biggest fashion blunder?
‘I have been colouring my hair for a long time, black or pink or something else... I used to have very bright purple hair, verging on fluorescent, which I combined with extensions. That was indeed a bit much (laughs). But at the time, it actually matched who I was: I had just come from fashion school, and I wanted to stand out. So theoretically, that might not even have been a blunder.'
Online or offline shopper?
‘I actually shop offline, but I do my research online. I spend a lot of time online, too much in fact, so I usually know exactly what I want when I go into a shop. I rarely, if ever, go shopping for an entire day, but I will go to a specific shop to try on a particular item. After all, I do always want to touch it. I'm also so bad at returning things if they aren’t right, and that's such a waste!'
How important is sustainability to you when shopping?
‘Sustainable brands have an edge with me in any case. Although, for me personally, sustainability has mainly to do with timelessness. I want things to last for years.’ I don't buy a lot, but I want every piece I buy to last a long time and stay beautiful.’
Trendy or timeless?
‘Timeless. My style is also quite constant, so anything I buy in my own style will last. I am not so sensitive to trends.’
Which colour is most often found in your wardrobe?
‘Terracotta and black.’
Do you have a style icon?
'I think Florence Welch from Florence & The Machine. The combination of the soft and the wild, who she is as a person and in terms of style. She is both very dreamy and very wild, a bit ethereal and a bit boho.’
Which item in your wardrobe will you never throw away?
'A black transparent vintage blouse with a lace collar. There's been a hole in it for three years, which I also cannot have repaired. And yet I keep it. To me, that blouse is a sort of keepsake. Sometimes I hang it up in my room.’

Photography: Birte Berger Photography